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Whether your core business is manufacturing or farming in large scale or even processing agricultural products, Newnham has security options for you, like manned guarding, electronic security services and many more.

Banking & Financial Services

We have many service offers for this industry, from our Dog services to our custom Risk Management Service offering, Newnham Security will keep you secure. Give us a call.


For both tertiary and secondary education institutions around the country, we will remove the stress while you focus on impacting knowledge and skills to those yearning for it. Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Private Training institutions and many more, Newnham will secure your property.

Energy & Utilities

Energy  and Utility companies all through the Energy supply chain from production to the clients will have services from Newnham Security. Our services will impact your industry for the better, making sure there is no disruption in any level of production and product or service delivery.


We have services that can be integrated in the normal running of any government institution. Give Newnham Security a call, and we can customize a service to your liking.

Security for your Industry

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